Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ahmbergen Week 3

I'm the only one to give an update on the house so here I am. You don't think pets can talk do you?
Bonkers aged to Cat this week, and I decided to quit my job and let the pets work. Bonkers was a Security Cat and Abbey became a Rescuse Dog.
I spent most of my time training the animals to act accordingly, and playing with them. There was more time for homework without a job.
I inherited the car dad bought. Grandfatehr would never use it. Said it signaled a change in atmosphere or something. But I am willing to use it. What better way for a cool sim girl to meet people?
Yes, I did meet someone this week. I know Anthony seemed like good company, but he and I have different plans for our lives. He wants to date anything on 2 legs, while I want to settle down. I want someone like minded. Sinjin was in my chemistry class and I asked him over to see if we had chemistry.
He's so dreamy. We ended up going on 2 dates this week. The first one tooka major hit as Mrs. Crumplebottom hit on (literally hit I don't mean flirted with) my boyfriend.
Right now I have a crush on Sinjin and I think he feels the same.
Grandfather decided to show up twice this week as well. Maybe he's trying to tell me he disapproves of Sinjin. Or maybe he's just yelling as Bonkers has taken over his bed.

I did forget about the bills once this week so the repo man showed.
He ended up taking the sink and litter box. Geirfinn returns home next week and I get to go to University. Yay for me.



At 1:08 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Man I hate Mrs. Crumplebottom, what a witch. It sounds like the date recovered though. Great idea to have the pets work!

At 2:20 PM, Blogger aerisblue2000 said...

Crumplbottom, and the Repo-Man in one week. Now that's impressive. And poor Bonkers, where are they going to pee now? Strange thing for a repossession if you ask me!


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