Thursday, January 25, 2007

Itashiro week 3

Simiko again. You may notice that Derek is not pictured. There's a good reason for that. I guess that it's my fault.

Carl Gast, his aunt is the nanny, came home from work with me one day. And I just swooned over him. I guess he took it that I liked him as he came over and gave a little flirt with me. I was about to tell him that it was inapropriate to flirt with a married woman, but Derek beat me to it.
Derek blamed it all on me. He even slapped me over it. I told him we could work it all out but he would bot listen.
He was furious. He kept pushing me and poking me. Then it all came down. We got into a huge fight. Yuri was only a child we has to stay together, didn't we? For her sake.
I sat down with her, and started explaining the trouble that mommy and daddy were having. She understood quite well. She asked, "So is daddy leaving?" I answered as truthfully as possible, but even I was unsure what he was going to do.

I had got demoted earlier in the week, due to speaking my mind about Wiki (I get this one all the time how did I guess wrong!) So I was back to working days again.
Evidently Derek got lonely, and invited a friend over. Marylena Pons.
He sayed it was all innocent but when Yuri confessed about seeing her dad kissing another woman, I knew.
A single rose, that's what she left. A single rose adressing her love and devotion for him.
I saw it and knew it was not mine. I read the note, and it infuriated me.
I confronted him when he got off work. He said that if I was playing around so could he. I poked him in the chest saying that he shouldn't do that. Especially kissing another woman in front of our daughter.
It just seemed we no longer connected. I let him have the bed. I moved a cot in the room with Yuri for a while.
I couldn't beleive how much this tore up Yuri. She was constantly in tears, and didn't want to talk to me or Derek about it.

Derek woke up early the next morning. He went out, paid the bills and came inside with the newspaper. The next thing I knew a cab pulled up and he was gone.
Being distraught from this event, I called up Carl.
"Yea, is that you Simiko? Why are you crying?"
"Derek, left. He gave me no information on where he was going and why."
"I'll be right over."

Carl and I talked a bit about what had happened. I still loved Derek but things were not looking good for us. Carl offered his company whenever I would need it.

Sunday was Yuri's birthday, and despite her father not being there, she still had a great party. Akiko came from college and asked how I was doing.
Yuri turned into a beautiful teen. Her clothes actually looked good. Heaven help me if the first thing she did upon turning a teen wasn't start a rebelious phase.

Yuri Itashiro
2/7/10/10/6 (Saggitarius)
Family Sim
LTW: Have 6 granschildren

Though after her hair change, she came over to me and smacked me for having a boyfriend when I'm technically still married to her father.

So that ends this weeks drama. Let's hope next week is a lot calmer. Maybe then we can get this divorce finalized.

Achievements: None really... :( Yuri to teen



At 1:05 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Such drama! My goodness. Nicely done though. I wonder what this family will do now.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger aerisblue2000 said...

Do any of your sims ever live happy fulfilled normal lives. I've never seen anything like it, but I love it. My sims seem quite boring now!


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