Wednesday, January 17, 2007

University Round 1

This entry will be short sweet and too the point, uni has always been difficult for me. I had my couples all planned out until two people in the greek house ended up having a 3 bolt relationship off the bat, so I changed my plans around. I'm playing Uni 2 years at a time so these people will be out by the begining of round 4. Plus I'm learning SimsPE finally and So I can get the family pics at the begining of the round.

Geirfinn is mislabled as Radulf.

Geirfinn Ahmbergen here, there's so much going on here at college. I moved here with Cassie Thomas, Jeremy Thomas and Akiko Ng. We moved into a house off campus. Well 2 houses on the same lot, but you get the idea.

Like I said we all moved off campus and redecorated. By sophomore year, our houses were connected and it looked more like a greek house.
(I'm proud as this is the first custom roof I've had to do.)

Akiko if you remember was in love with the paper boy. Well she had plans on inviting him to college and dating him here as well. This didn't work out. The minuite Jeremy walked in, that plan went out the door. She was in love. He proposed to her sophomore year. (Sorry the pic is horrible)
Cassie also dumped her girlfriend for another. We had hired a maid as the house was kinda dirty. Cassie goes over and starts flirting with the maid. I didn't know what to think. Evidently it was ok. Soon they started dating and were also engaged.

What about me you ask. Well I've been downtown a few times looking. No one I'm really that interested in dating yet.

There is a bit of drama in the house though. Jeremy hates the maid. So often we at the house see this sight. Lukily, Cassie isn't offended Jeremy dislikes her choice in women.I think that's about it for this entry. We're all in this greek house with currently 4.0's only time will tell if that tradition will continue.

Odd pic out:
Jeremy congratulates Akiko that he finds her attractive.

Achievments: 4 University students.



At 10:41 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

I didn't know you could get those pictures with SimPE. You learn something new everyday! Nice work in Uni!

At 8:07 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Hehehe Sims will congratulate each other for anything...including finding each other attractive...! lol

At 2:07 PM, Blogger aerisblue2000 said...

Congrats on the 4.0GPA's. I wonder how the Greek House will progress. I shall be watching with interest. as I've never made one. I don't feel sorry for the paperboy though. The new match seems much better.


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