Friday, April 20, 2007

Ng Round 4

You may notice I started labeling my pictures. I realized that I remember who these sims are but you may not.

Marylena directing you through this week. Last week Derek and I got married and had Xander. Also we adopted Coon.
This week was spent in an odd way. We spent this week seeing this new thing called weather. It didn't affect us none, we spent time working on skillin' and that sort of thing.

If you remember I want to be busy raisin' them kids, that I haven't had lately. I must say that Xander was a handful though.

I ended up takin' him to work one day, he was fine.
Didn't cry or anything. The nanny didn't get the message and still showed up.

Derek made a good decision this week, an' now he's a General Practitioner. he's on his way to bein' the cheif of staff.

Xander grew up this week, I must say he's a hansome young boy.

(2/6/10/19/6, Saggitarius)

With the money saved back for more kids, we were able to add another level to the house. It looks really nice

We also made a small garden and I kept on wanting to work in it and plant. I even got a badge for this.

This week ended with Derek invitin' some friends over for a small party.
He didn't tell me his birthday was coming so soon. Maybe I should start workin' on him for them babies.

*Xander takes over*
I'm takin' over to tell you all something important. Dad brought home the most beautiful lady this week. Her name is Emily. Now I'm not sure how this bolt thing works but I like her. I'm presently her friend but I keep on wanting to dance and play with her.

Accomplishments: Xander to Child, Derek to elder, Derek to GP.



At 5:40 PM, Blogger ruby said...

WTG Xander, we have a future wife perhaps?
Eek what is Derek wearing? age is not good to him ... wow
hmmm, he may already have another child on the way *snickering*

At 8:35 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Hehehe sounds like daddy-o is playin' matchmaker for his son. Woo hoo, pink braids. Love 'em!

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Thank you for labeling the pictures. Helps me out a lot.

I love trying to find them matches as kids. Emily would make a lovely wife for Xander. I always think the game is trying to tell me soemthing when they roll up a bunch of wants.


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