Friday, November 09, 2007

Pfrank Round 6

I'm almost done everyone, just 2 more after this.

Last Week: Brittany adopted 2 dogs, Olive and Tripp, who had puppies. Samantha went of to University and Broddi became a teen

Brittany again to tell you the excitement around this house. My sisters 2 kids are living with us now. She's still in University but should graduate soon.

Mom's been so busy with them to realize what's going on right beneath her nose.

That's right, her lovely fiance or husband I forget, is having an affair...with her daughter from a previous encounter. We have to be careful not to let my mother find out though. It's been nice, I see him at work I see him at home.
He became a Professional Party Guest you know. I'm one promotion away. Mom's one promotion away from the top of her career too.
Speaking of mom and jobs.
She had something happen.

Figured it was worth mentioning.

Anyway, Dickinson left me a gift.

My brother thinks he's in love.

Last week he was kissing on some chick, this week it's Trina Handby. One of her mother just died recently. But I'ld rather not think about that, the police are investigating it calling it a hot tub malfunction and the company had a recall.

So the "rock star" as I've been calling him has been wooing Trina even serenading her with "his first hit".

The kids were mom's responsibility but I did help with 2 birthdays.

Next week my Sami will be back to take care of the kids. I have one more birthday shot of them both. They became children.

When DesiraƩ became a kid, I thought mom was going to die she looked so frightened.

I think that about wraps things up.

Next Time.

(Radulf taking over without anyone realizing) I know you were expecting the entry to end, but I couldn't let it without imparting to you life secrets. Elves live longer than humans by several years. Kelly has somehow forgotten this and will pass soon. There is however a trick to elves living longer. Something research is only now finding out. What is it?

Yes the green liquid may taste horrible, but it keeps me young. And while now I am not as young as I used to be, it does its work.

This is why I find it acceptable for me to woo the partner's daughter. I will live well into her age.

Accomplishments: DeriraƩ and Oliver to tot and child, Radulf TOC Slacker.

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At 3:04 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

I don't care how long you live, it's never OK to woo your lover's daughter! Nice update. Things could get interesting!


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