Friday, November 09, 2007

Thomas House 3 Round 5

Trey and Sheila moved out on Wednesday from what is now Akiko and Jeremy's house. So I could justify playing them this round.

Sheila's busy so I'll take over this entry. When we moved in I promised that she and I would make a go of things. We had left money with my son to help him care for all the kids at his place.

I had however purchased a pet store. I spent some time there selling and having a good time with the ladies. I of course made time for work too. Made a bundle doing that.

Around the middle of the time together, Sheila started acting odd. She was geting sick and falling asleep in her food.

Of course, she was gonna have my kid. So she was staying home from work, cleaning very little indulging in cheesecake. When it hit, labour pains.

She gave me 2 adorable girls which we named Jasmine and Jessalyn.

Now I had a birthday and became and elder. I didn't take too well to that. Having 2 babies and being old. It's enough to make a man crazy.

We also managed to adopt another dog for Otis to play with. That made me feel better about getting older.

Accomplishments: 2 new characters, Trey to elder.



At 7:28 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Are you going to breed Otis & Lulu? I'd be interested to see what their puppies look like. I have them in 2 different houses in my prosperity plus Lulu is a few days away from Elder. Great updates - look forward to reading more.

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Nice suttle mention of the cheesecake! Oh no the Shrink!!!! Hurray for Otis! He makes nice looking puppies.


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