Tuesday, November 06, 2007

University Round 5

Last Round: Anara and Dickson joined the the students at university. Makenzie, Anthony and Brittany graduated.
Anara again, to update you on what's going on at the greek house. Samantha decided not to join the house and opted to move to her own place with the funds she had.

The house was a bit empty to begin, but we took care of that. Yuri and Darren both joined the Greek house.

I assumed it was because they were around the same age and just begingin in college, but those two started talking and hanging out all the time.

Who knew what would happen next. Darren and Yuri hit it off really well. It was beautiful, like me and Anthony are.

Well you guessed it, while the rest of us were studying, those to were flirting and being all lovey. And it seemed like they had only met days ago when Darren proposed to her. Yuri, of course, accepted.

I mean we all had our share of dates the last 2 years. Dickson never really dating one woman, and me always going on with Anthony.

Anyway, things are rarely perfect here. And Yuri found out something that Sophomore year you never want to hear. She was pregnant. With twins no less (checked with insim).

Studying, and time became a difficult chore. She will give birth Junior year. Which either her or Darren will narrate. She says the kids will live with her "despicable mother" until she graduates.

Speaking of graduation. The time came for me and Dickson to celebrate our graduation. I received a 4.0, and Greek house status.

Dickson Greek house, and secret society.

Anyway, I'll see you soon back in Prosperity Bay.



At 3:36 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Realized I skipped a whole round! No wonder I was surprised by the babies! I'm sorta jealous at how few kids you have in college. Great job!


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