Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hanby Round 6

Last Round: Lucy died via hot tub, most of the kittens were adopted. Trina became a teen.

I'm Burt, I may look like a little squirt in that picture but you can bet that didn't last long.

I became a lovely piece of studly manness. Watch out ladies. *winks* Anyway, it was no surprise what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to go after women. A whole lot of them. Heck, why not have 20 of the pawning after me? I mean I've heard rumors about Samantha Pfrank wanting the same thing. Maybe I should go over and romance her a little.

Mom thinks that's a terrible idea, but what does she know. She's out romancing her first love Malcom Landgraab IV.

They've been like that since Mom died. Cuddling and kissing. It's just sick. Mom did, however show up to frighten them both. Trina was mad, and left for University said she would meet Xander there.

There was probably reason for Trina to be mad. I mean Mom died, Mom finds a new man and asks him to move in and proposes?

Evidently Mom wasn't too happy and frightened Mom...

Of course, Malcom goes over there begging and pleading for mom back.

And guess what, he wins. So mom is back, and Mal's still here. Maybe I shouldn't care too much and work on wooing women.

I have one in my sights, and I've already kissed her.

But anymore love will have to wait til university. I left so Mal and Mom can have time here. The way they act is just disgusting!

Accomplishments: Mal joined the household (I figure he didn't add much more to the household than a sim graduating uni, and I probably will not play his purchased lots [those may be sold off and money familyfunded off]), Trina and Burt to Uni.

Note: Since Burt is the heir, his aspiration will be rerolled at Uni.


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Great update. I got a little confused with the Moms there for a bit. But then I remembered that Lucy was her partner before she died. =)

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

wow all that Momming was too funny and sorta hard to follow, but that was sorta the point now wasn't it? Great update.


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