Friday, November 09, 2007

Handby round 5

Last Week: Cassie and Lucy Handby got married and adopted Trina a toddler. They adopted the stray Kim and Reces from the pet store.

Cassie here. This is a sad entry, a sad entry indeed. Well lets start with the good news I guess.
I was promoted to Counsil Member the first day of this round.

Then to Assembly person

It turned out Kim was indeed pregnant and gave us 3 kittens which we named Poncho, Pongo, and Pele. We were only able to keep Pele though. Lucy wanted to keep them all, but out house couldn't keep all of them.

Lucy did go about finding good homes for all of them. Gerfinn and Jan Tellermann both responded to our ad for the kittens and arrived to take them home. Gerfinn had a thing for Lucy back in college that evidently never died down.

They started flirting, right in the back yard. I walked right up to her and slapped her for it.

Lucy tried to get our relationship back to normal calling to adopt Burt.

Then it seemed everything turned for the worst. The cats started fighting.

I chose something wrong at work and got demoted.

And worst of all, Lucy died.

I know I was mad at her, but I never would have wished this on her. And I'm sure I warned her not to stay in the hot tub too long because the heat was broken on it. She over-heated. I tried to plead for her, yet evidently that last fight was it. I did not win. Lucy is dead.

I'll try to end this on a happy note. Trina became a teenager.

She chose to pursue popularity like me. However, she will be working towards that in the Journalism career.

Accmplishments: Trina to teen, 1 point for Burt

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At 3:46 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Wow this house was rough! Poor Lucy, that darn hot tub!


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