Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ahmbergen Round 6

Last Round: Makenzie and Geirfinn got married, and Karita became a child.

I figured since I had not had a chance to to do this, I would. I'm Makenzie. Of course, when you left from last visit I was fairly pregnant. That did not last long. I woke up in pain one evening, knowing I was giving birth. I had Karita already so I knew what to expect.

I gave birth to another baby girl we named Nissa.

Now Karita had been asking for a pet, and Geirfinn and I had talked about it. I had purchased her a womrat. Which she seemed pretty happy with.

What does Geirfinn do? He goes and gets a cat. He swears it's because he misses Bonkers, whom he had to give back to his sister.
At least the cat earns a living too. Well sometimes

Karita's birthday came. It seemed like only a few days ago I gave birth to her. It was 14 year!

She chose to go after knowledge. No telling what she might do with that. She's not to sure herself. I always suspected she would choose this, she was always a smart girl.
The team Geirfinn had been working for realized they had made a huge mistake by firing him. They hired him back and is now on the cusp of being at the top of his career.

I did make it to the top of my career.

Just in time for Nissa's birthday.

She's a smart kid. She's already potty trained.

And all it took was one day!

One last thing before I wrap this up, we had an expected visitor.

Normally people think the worst when they see the social worker, but it seems more common here that seeing her means adoption. It meant that in this case too.

We adopted another girl, Apricot.

That makes my 3 to graduate from college, not counting on any surprises.

Our family is complete.

Odd pic out:

Never saw a sim get angry about selling off the old toilet. Maybe Adelheid has issues.

Accomplishments: 2 new sims (Apricot and Nissa), Makenzie Top of Culinary Career



At 7:56 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Aww! All the girls are gorgous. I love the name Nissa. Very unique.

At 3:12 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

The girls are all so cute. man you sure do like to adopt a lot! The ghost thinking about the toilet was very funny!


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