Friday, November 09, 2007

Ng Round 5

Last Round: Xander grew into a child, the house was remodeled, and Derek aged to elder.

Marylena here to report for this week, Derek's busy with work and all. He figures raising kids is a lot easier.

Early this week I found out I was pregnant. I figured it would give the guys a chance to talk so I left it to Derek to tell Xander.

Of course, the point did not go. Derek started talking about getting Xander a pet instead. I then was the one left to tell Xander what was happening. I told him over dinner the next day.

He took it suprisingly well. We did make time to celebrate his birthday, which was the same night. He's such a beautiful boy.

Xander Ng
2/6/10/19/6, (Saggitarius)
Fortune Aspiration
LTW: Criminal Mastermind

The time came for Alexis to be born. It was not as painful this time around but still hurt.

Derek had another good week at the office, no promotions though.

Xander has been good with his little sister and even offered to help with her birthday.

Other than that, I joined the new garden club. Evidently my garden is one of the best that they have seen. They even gave me a wishing well.

Simiko has been hanging around again. She actually got mad at me for kissing my husband. He's not your anymore Simiko!

Accomplishments: Xander to teen, 1 point for Alexis



At 3:43 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

What a chicken Derek is. Can't even tell Xander where babies come from. Nice job as always!


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