Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ng Round 6

Last Round: Xander became a teen Alexis was born and became a toddler.

Marylena is just the dearest ain't she? Loving me and treatin' me well. She's done a lot of work. Well just recently she taught our daughter to talk.

I've never been good at that sort of thing, babies and all. I'm lucky to have her. She gave me two more beautiful children this week. We didn't think we were goin' to. With me being older and everything.
Late on the first day we knew.

O'course I spent time tryin' to get everything in order for the new little ones. I never expected she'd give me twins.

We named the girl Jillian and the boy Jack. Now you could be funny and make a pun about Jack and Jill but I still got some fight in me. I may be older but I'm still as fit as ever.
In fact, they gave me a promotion at work. I'm a surgeon now. Marylena ain't doing too bad either.

She got a promotion because she acted smartly. My son Xander could learn from that. He's running around yelling that he's in love.

In love my bum, you can't just fall in love as a teenager. It'll do you no good. I tried to tell him, but there would be no listenin' with him. He got mad and left in a huff to university. Maybe he can get some smarts there.

Something odd, happened to Mary. I knew she had been gardening a lot and the garden was looking good. But what happened to her I could never say. I come home from work one day and she's green.

She didn't seem too bothered by it. I was a little you can imagine. All this wife changin' color and babies to change can make a man go mad.

Mary also decided not to have anymore kids, but to spore some instead.

This little guy is Persimmon. He's a nice kid, just different that's all. After that the twins became toddlers.

That's Jack

And here's Jillian. You could probably tell who was who by the clothing though.

Mary decided to spore another one of those green things. This one she name Hemlock.

He's a little off you know what I mean. He's not completely green.
Now was panic time 4 toddlers 1 elder and Mary. Enough to make a man go mad, but I didn't. I kept my cool for one more day, before Persimmon became and adult.

He chose to follow his desire to have a family. And said to Mary he wants to have a golden anniversary. He decided that it was best for him to leave the house to look for a wife.

Mary, of course, cried. Saying that it was so hard to watch them grow right before your eyes. I agree with her. Xander's off at college now, soon he'll be coming back with a wife. *dabs eyes* Sorry for that, I musta talked your ear off. I must be off to work anyway.

Accomplishments: 4 new sims (2 are plant sims and do not add points). Xander moves to University, Persimmon finds his own place.

I asked around about the face Hemlock had and it turned out to be a normal occurance. I went back to the house to try to fix it and his face was the blinking blue thing. I deleted him and went back into the lot. Upon doing that, we have this:



At 3:23 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

And people say I'm crazy! 4 toddlers!!!! Thank goodness Plant Sims grow up so fast. I haven't played them much. they will be interesting to watch.


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