Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thomas House 2 Round 6

Last Round: Anthony was alone, and spent much time skilling.

Anara here. I just moved back this week from university. Into a fairly masculine house I might add. Anthony and I got engaged at university and he moved back here before I did.

Well we wanted a big wedding in our yard, but they only day we both had off was Saturday. Well, it was Wednesday until this happened.

I am very proud of Anthony, don't get me wrong, but I was looking forward to our marriage.

There seemed to be a lot of decisions this week, all of us had one even the pets.

I do feel sorry for both the pets. Gizmo was still young, but my Bonkers was just about to become an elder cat. I had him since he was a kitten, so I am very attached to him. Well the time did come for him to be older. I decided that the best thing for him would be to retire from his job and spend the rest of his days just relaxing at the house. He had earned himself some well deserved rest.

Anthony knew I was down about having to wait for the wedding, but he got me a present.

I was truly surprised about it. And at the same time thrilled. He had purchased it without me knowing it. We both had a lot of calls coming in from our friends so he purchased me a cell phone.

Finally the big day arrived. We of course invited our families.

Geirfinn decided this would be a the perfect time for a round of Punch Me Punch U

While Father pulled me aside to tell me how proud he was of me. He was sad he could not be the father he always wanted to be with fathering children by another woman. I understood though.

There was a lot of dancing and eating but the moment arrived.

I was finally married. Everyone seemed so happy for us. We both were happy too. We had waited a long time for this.

Of course, next came the cake. It was nothing fancy.

And the honeymoon.

After the wedding I put on some new clothes that I had purchased downtown, and also did my makeup and hair differently.

Next thing I knew I wasn't feeling too well and flagged Anthony down.

It turns out we're pregnant. I know it seems a little soon. We couldn't be happier. We built an upstairs to the house for the little one when it arrives.

Lastly, we had a break in. Luckily, the police got there soon afterwards.

Accomplishments: Anara and Anthony are married


At 2:03 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hurray Anthony isn't alone anymore!!!! Hurray for a wedding!


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