Friday, December 08, 2006

Thomas Week 2

Shiela Go-Thomas here to tell you about this week at the house. The week started out very well, I mad the right choice at work to work with tangible and started at theory about how we theorize.

Not to praise myself or anything but it was pretty clever. With this new influx, it means we could remodel the house. Trey's kids could have separate rooms instead of just living with Thomas. We are the first family in Prosperity Bay to get a kitchen and dining room.

click for larger image

After rearranging the house and seeing that there were objects to learn for our respective jobs, Thomas felt it was time for the kids to further their education. I was concerned as last week Anthony got a D but this week he really turned things around.
Jeremy had his birthday and Trey annouced that when he returned from university, he would get the house. Trey and I would still live here, but Jeremy would run things. Jeremy told his dad he wants to have a large family, maybe even marry off 6 children. If the girl was happy with him maybe they could even have 10.
You may wonder about the girl in the background there. Cassie had invited her home one afternoon. They had met last week and really got along, they would pillowfight, tickle each other. It wasn't until one evening that it was something more than friendship.

I'm happy for her, she's got what she wanted out of life. It seems like the two will be going to university together. In fact, Cassie spent most of the week doing homework, then working on her skills to get scholarships. I don't think Trey knows yet, and I will respect Cassie by giving her time to tell him herself.

Trey decided he wanted to make toy robots. Thomas had allowed the crafting station to be placed in his room. I am starting to wonder if Thomas is deaf. I don't understand how he could sleep thought all the clanging of metal. *shrugs*

Anthony also had a birthday. He is more like his grandfather. Wanting to have fun all the time. He mentioned over dinner he wanted to have 50 first dates. Quite a feat if you ask me. I only needed two dates to be convinced who I liked. He wants 50 dates with 50 different people. I have a feeling he will start this next week, as the house is now rather empty.
I say empty because Jeremy and Cassie left for college Saturday night. Cassie had gotten a cooking scholarship and another due to her good grades. Jeremy only had his grades working for him.

You may have noticed that I hyphenated my name at the beging of this entry. That's because Trey finally asked me to be his wife. He said he no longer feared getting engaged and married again. I was a bit offended by this, but after being left by his first wife, I can understand.
Anthony and Thomas were the only people in attendance.

Accomplishments: Shiela brings in a lot of money, Jeremy and Anthony to teen, Thomas to top of elder career, Jeremy and Cassie to University.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pfrank Week 2

This a kind reminder to all simmers to check often for hacks and mods that you do not want in your game. If you don't you may end up with the phone hack or even a risky woohoo hack that you didn't really want and can really mess up the way you are playing.

And with that reminder on with Week 2.

I'm Brittany. Mom's sick so she told me to take over this week. Early in the week I knew something was wrong. Mom quit wearing her silver pajama's and got into blue ones.

Mom does look good in blue, but I still couldn't figure it out. New pajama's getting sick all the time. So Mom sat me down and we had a chat about the birds and the bees. You people are sick. Why would you let a giant bird called a stork into your house?! Mom said her storks name was Radulf. I didn't even know that storks could have a name.

This cut down on our funds for a while. We made the bathroom smaller and got rid of the bedroom for money. We were now living in the livong room/kitchen. I must say I did not enjoy it.

The time came for Mom to have the baby. She had a little girl that she named Samantha. I'm not sure but she kinda looks like a few of the bay residents.

Mom started calling up lots of her friends and inviting them over to see the baby. I know she invited one in particular.
Hmmm...there's a lot of similarities between him and my sister. It turned out he was going to be living with us for some time. His name is Radulf. It's weird, he has the same name as Mom's stork.
Mom tried to get me into private school, but failed. She ended up acting funny for a bit, but she seems much better now.
Near the end of this week, I became a teen. I became interested in the idea of love, and decided hey why not go after that. If a stork comes looking for me, I will slam the door.

With my new desire for life, Mom and Step-dad Radulf decided to tell me where babies really come from and why Samantha looks like Radulf. I did a little rethinking of my life choice, but decided to continue on with it. I decided that I would put my life towards being a professional party guest just like my step dad.

This week ended with Samantha becoming a toddler. She really does look a lot like Radulf.

Accomplishments: Samantha born (Gen 2), Radulf moves in, Brittany ages to teen.

ETA: The reason for the reminder at the begining of the entry was that I knew I didn't have Radulf and Kelly try for a baby. So when I came into the house and saw the bump. I saved, got out of the sims 2 and looked through my download folder, sure enough the risky woohoo hack. I though Simiko would have the first gen 2 baby, but it turns out Kelly had other plans.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Itashiro Week 1

I'm Simiko and I moved to Prosperity Bay with my little sister. I am an adult, but late in life my parents had Akiko. Our parents were unable to leave with us, saying that they had to protect the ancestors. I really hope to see them again.

I am on a quest for knowledge and want to learn everything I can. I really want to become a mad scientist. So far I haven't been able to get this job, but I have been looking.

I met someone my first night here. He has a first name, but everyone just calls him Ng. It's his last name. My little sister started talking to the paper boy. She's convinced one days she's going to marry him. I don't know about that but hopefully he makes her happy.

One day, we invited both of our intendeds over. As you can see, I started feeling like I was in love again. I do say again because...oh nevermind.
I asked Ng to move in and he accepted. He only brough ยง4000 with him, but that was fine.

I guess I should have paid more attention to my sister and her schooling. I knew she kept nagginag me to help her with homework, but I just never seemed to have the time.
I came home one evening to find this lady.
She had come to see about my little sisters failing grades. She ended up taking Akiko with her. I broke down in tears. Ng said he would try his best to get her back. He called up a couple of his friends and found out that he could adopt her. She would have to take his last name, but Akiko could come back to stay with us.

A little while after this ordeal I started to wonder something about myself. I was feeling often quite sick. Then I started to wonder. Ng and I had been sharing a bed, maybe I was having his child.

I found out a few days later I was correct in my suspicions. I was going to be the mother of the first child born in Prosperity Bay.

Accomplishments: Ng added to the family (Knowledge aspiration LTW:?) , Akiko taken by social worker, Generation 2 on its way.