Thursday, January 25, 2007

Itashiro week 3

Simiko again. You may notice that Derek is not pictured. There's a good reason for that. I guess that it's my fault.

Carl Gast, his aunt is the nanny, came home from work with me one day. And I just swooned over him. I guess he took it that I liked him as he came over and gave a little flirt with me. I was about to tell him that it was inapropriate to flirt with a married woman, but Derek beat me to it.
Derek blamed it all on me. He even slapped me over it. I told him we could work it all out but he would bot listen.
He was furious. He kept pushing me and poking me. Then it all came down. We got into a huge fight. Yuri was only a child we has to stay together, didn't we? For her sake.
I sat down with her, and started explaining the trouble that mommy and daddy were having. She understood quite well. She asked, "So is daddy leaving?" I answered as truthfully as possible, but even I was unsure what he was going to do.

I had got demoted earlier in the week, due to speaking my mind about Wiki (I get this one all the time how did I guess wrong!) So I was back to working days again.
Evidently Derek got lonely, and invited a friend over. Marylena Pons.
He sayed it was all innocent but when Yuri confessed about seeing her dad kissing another woman, I knew.
A single rose, that's what she left. A single rose adressing her love and devotion for him.
I saw it and knew it was not mine. I read the note, and it infuriated me.
I confronted him when he got off work. He said that if I was playing around so could he. I poked him in the chest saying that he shouldn't do that. Especially kissing another woman in front of our daughter.
It just seemed we no longer connected. I let him have the bed. I moved a cot in the room with Yuri for a while.
I couldn't beleive how much this tore up Yuri. She was constantly in tears, and didn't want to talk to me or Derek about it.

Derek woke up early the next morning. He went out, paid the bills and came inside with the newspaper. The next thing I knew a cab pulled up and he was gone.
Being distraught from this event, I called up Carl.
"Yea, is that you Simiko? Why are you crying?"
"Derek, left. He gave me no information on where he was going and why."
"I'll be right over."

Carl and I talked a bit about what had happened. I still loved Derek but things were not looking good for us. Carl offered his company whenever I would need it.

Sunday was Yuri's birthday, and despite her father not being there, she still had a great party. Akiko came from college and asked how I was doing.
Yuri turned into a beautiful teen. Her clothes actually looked good. Heaven help me if the first thing she did upon turning a teen wasn't start a rebelious phase.

Yuri Itashiro
2/7/10/10/6 (Saggitarius)
Family Sim
LTW: Have 6 granschildren

Though after her hair change, she came over to me and smacked me for having a boyfriend when I'm technically still married to her father.

So that ends this weeks drama. Let's hope next week is a lot calmer. Maybe then we can get this divorce finalized.

Achievements: None really... :( Yuri to teen


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ahmbergen Week 3

I'm the only one to give an update on the house so here I am. You don't think pets can talk do you?
Bonkers aged to Cat this week, and I decided to quit my job and let the pets work. Bonkers was a Security Cat and Abbey became a Rescuse Dog.
I spent most of my time training the animals to act accordingly, and playing with them. There was more time for homework without a job.
I inherited the car dad bought. Grandfatehr would never use it. Said it signaled a change in atmosphere or something. But I am willing to use it. What better way for a cool sim girl to meet people?
Yes, I did meet someone this week. I know Anthony seemed like good company, but he and I have different plans for our lives. He wants to date anything on 2 legs, while I want to settle down. I want someone like minded. Sinjin was in my chemistry class and I asked him over to see if we had chemistry.
He's so dreamy. We ended up going on 2 dates this week. The first one tooka major hit as Mrs. Crumplebottom hit on (literally hit I don't mean flirted with) my boyfriend.
Right now I have a crush on Sinjin and I think he feels the same.
Grandfather decided to show up twice this week as well. Maybe he's trying to tell me he disapproves of Sinjin. Or maybe he's just yelling as Bonkers has taken over his bed.

I did forget about the bills once this week so the repo man showed.
He ended up taking the sink and litter box. Geirfinn returns home next week and I get to go to University. Yay for me.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thomas Week 3

(Trey speaking) Sheila and I are the only ones left in the house. It's kinda lonely but it's a much needed rest. Let me start at the begining.

Due to a bad chance card, my dad, Thomas, lost his job. He had only taken it to help us out before our big bonus last week.
Speaking of jobs, Sheila reached the top of her career. She then quit her job, to go into the criminal track.
Sheila also managed to get the flu from her new job. Which resulted in a family infection. I'm not sure if it was his age ot the flu, but Thomas past away on Wednesday.
He will be missed, but we sure got reimburesed for his death. Do you know how much insurance companies pay out?

On a happier note, my son, Anthony, seems to be taking after me in a few days. He went on 3 dates this week. One was the cow mascot from college, another a college professor, and the last the Ahmbergen girl from next door. He's on his way to the 50 first dates he wants. Anthony moved to college on Friday. Leaving me and Sheila to tend the house till Jeremy returns.
With the house being empty Sheila and I spoke and we adopted a new member into the family. His name is Otis. Yes, a dog. I'm done with my child bearing unlike my friend Radulf Ahmbergen.
(I never noticed that when you click on a pet, the plumbob appears above their head.)

That about sums up this week. Next week Jeremy will return with his fiancee Akiko and they will wed. Unil next time.


Pfrank week 3

When I moved in, I had no idea what I was getting into. Yeah I wanted to "do the right thing" and raise my half-elven child, but this is getting rediculous.

I started this week training my child, Samantha and installing that new nanny cam that I've read about. Samantha had to have all her skills before transitioning.
I was supprised by the nanny cam. She never left Samantha dirty, or let her fall asleep on the floor. Quite the oposite, maybe it was that cash I *might* have slipped the nanny earlier this week.
Well it came time for Samantha to grow into a child. Kelly and I could not afford a cake, but we made due.
I didn't have the heart to tell Kelly that I wanted to move out now, so I just kept hanging around pretending everything was alright. Something strange happened though. After school one day, while her mother was at work, Brittany comes over asking about woohoo and we get into a conversation. Well I start wondering you know about her then. Maybe she had a little crush on me I don't know.
Well that thought couldn't last long. Kelly told me the next day she had all the symptoms again and might have another baby.
After that little announcement, Brittany decided it was time to leave and get her college education. I'll never understand why. Who needs college when you're going to be a professional party guest?
Saturday, my second son Broddi was born. I don't currently have pictures as it was the last thing that happened this week and the pictures weren't developed yet so next week you'll have pictures.

Accomplishments: 1 new sim (Broddi), Brittany to University


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

University Round 1

This entry will be short sweet and too the point, uni has always been difficult for me. I had my couples all planned out until two people in the greek house ended up having a 3 bolt relationship off the bat, so I changed my plans around. I'm playing Uni 2 years at a time so these people will be out by the begining of round 4. Plus I'm learning SimsPE finally and So I can get the family pics at the begining of the round.

Geirfinn is mislabled as Radulf.

Geirfinn Ahmbergen here, there's so much going on here at college. I moved here with Cassie Thomas, Jeremy Thomas and Akiko Ng. We moved into a house off campus. Well 2 houses on the same lot, but you get the idea.

Like I said we all moved off campus and redecorated. By sophomore year, our houses were connected and it looked more like a greek house.
(I'm proud as this is the first custom roof I've had to do.)

Akiko if you remember was in love with the paper boy. Well she had plans on inviting him to college and dating him here as well. This didn't work out. The minuite Jeremy walked in, that plan went out the door. She was in love. He proposed to her sophomore year. (Sorry the pic is horrible)
Cassie also dumped her girlfriend for another. We had hired a maid as the house was kinda dirty. Cassie goes over and starts flirting with the maid. I didn't know what to think. Evidently it was ok. Soon they started dating and were also engaged.

What about me you ask. Well I've been downtown a few times looking. No one I'm really that interested in dating yet.

There is a bit of drama in the house though. Jeremy hates the maid. So often we at the house see this sight. Lukily, Cassie isn't offended Jeremy dislikes her choice in women.I think that's about it for this entry. We're all in this greek house with currently 4.0's only time will tell if that tradition will continue.

Odd pic out:
Jeremy congratulates Akiko that he finds her attractive.

Achievments: 4 University students.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The awaited Intro of characters

Yes this should have been posted before any entries but I'm now getting to it. So here are all my founders, aspirtions, ect. Did not get all the turn offs/turn ons. So those are omitted. From now on, when a sim ages I'll post the info with their teen picture.

Pfrank Household

Kelly Pfrank
5/3/6/4/6 (Cancer)
Hall of Famer

Brittany Pfrank
2/8/2/6/7 (Libria)
Professional Party Guest

Samantha Pfrank
9/2/6/4/6 (Virgo)

(Note: Radulf is with the Ahmbergen photos even if he lives with the Pfranks)

Thomas Family

Thomas Thomas
6/3/6/4/6 (Cancer)
Professional Party Guest

Trey Thomas
5/3/7/3/7 (Pisces)
Hall of Famer

Shiela Thomas
9/2/6/3/5 (Virgo)
Mad Scientist

Cassie Thomas
5/7/6/3/3 (Aires)
Become Mayor

Jeremy Thomas
5/5/3/8/4 (Taurus)
Marry Off 6 Children

Anthony Thomas
4/7/8/3/3 (Gemini)
50 First Dates

Ahmbergen Family

Adelheid Amhbergen
2/3/9/7/4 (Scorpio)
Raise 20 Kittens or Puppies

Lauge Ahmbergen
5/3/7/3/7 (Pisces)
Raise 20 Kittens or Puppies

Radulf Ahmbergen
9/2/6/3/5 (Virgo)
Professional Party Guest

Geirfinn Ahmbergen
6/3/6/4/6 (Cancer)
Hall of Famer

Anara Ahmbergen
5/3/7/3/7 (Pisces)
Captain Hero

Itashiro/Ng Family

Simiko Itashiro-Ng
5/5/3/8/5 (Taurus)
Mad Scientist

Akiko Itashiro-Ng
5/5/5/7/6 (Aquarius)
Max all 7 skills

(No Picture Available)
Derek Ng
2/3/9/7/5 (Saggitarius)
Cheif of Staff

Yuri Itashiro
2/7/10/10/6 (Saggitarius)

Now I need a break and go back to simming for college.