Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ahmbergen Round 5

Last Week: Anara went to college leaving Gerfinn to skill and stargaze.

Makenzie told me to talk again since she's with child. The week started with Makenzie telling me she was with child and Karita came to live with me for a while before Makenzie granduated from college

Karita definitely looks elven however I am not sure how elven she is yet.
The house was remade giving an out look over the horizons.
As you remember I was working on becoming a Hall of Famer, this was not to be yet. I made a bad decision at work and it cost me dearly.

Makenzie tooka job in cooking and is presently doing very well. She is now a Restauranter.
I did go back to work and am now working towards educating.
Karita had her first birthday this week.

At this point, I realized that Makenzie was not yet my wife. We held a small ceremony in our living room.

Karita celebrated going into her childhood.

Karita Wong
9/3/9/10/1 (Scorpio)

Makenzie also had another announcement. She was to have another of my children.

Accomplishments: Karita was born, Makenzie to Restauranteer, Gerfinn in Education


Thomas Round 5

Somehow my settings got changed to meduim quality so the next few entries may be fuzzy

Last Round
: Akiko and Jeremy returned from college and married. They also had twins Doria and Joy. At the end of the round, Akiko is pregnant again.

(Joy and Doria narrating) So this week was exciting. I mean we grew up pretty early this week.
Doria, maybe we should introduce ourselves first.
You're right Joy. I'm Doria the lovely girl in the family
You are not, you know I'm the favorite. Anyway, Like Doria said we grew up.

I'm so cute, see dad came to see me grow up. All you had was that creepy chick taht grandpa brought home from work that he was mumbling things about.
Doria, dad said to forget what grandpa said. He said it's things kids our age shouldn't know about.
Then why did grandpa go and say them if we weren't supposed to hear?
I don't know but I know at one point dad covered my ears and said something to grandpa and grandpa walked away.

Mom found out she was pregnant this week. I added in the caption of their names. You'll meet them later this week.
Oh we learned to do our homework this week, I know it's not all that exciting but yeah we learned.
We also played around with grandma Sheila's lie detector and grandpa's podium thing. Dad says we'll need to get scholarships since there will be so many of us.

Well the time came for mommy to have her babies.
She had a girl and a boy. Claudia and William.

Don't you think it's weird she had twins again?!
Dad says there's something in the water or in the cheesecake.

Grandpa was promoted to judge and I'm not sure what that means, and and grandma got something good that happened

Friday, grandma and grandpa moved out, said there were too mant of us under one roof and that with how many babies dad wanted we needed more room.
Luckily they're only a block away.
Claudia and William grew up a little bit.

Also we got a new friend. Lavender.

I think that wraps up this time.
Hope to see you all around later!!!!

Odd pic out:
Lavender is deffinitely a toddler mania child

Accomplishments:3 new house members (William, Claudia and Lavender).


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pfrank Round 5

Last week:Samantha became a teen, Broddi became a child.

(brittany narrarating) Well coming back and moving in with my mother and I guess it's now fiancee is just odd you know. You get all this freedom in University and then bam, back in with your parents.

Well I came back from University with a plan. I spent my money on 2 dogs, Olive and Tripp,

Ok they weren't really part of the plan, but the rest of the money was. I added on to my mothers house and gave myself a cozy room for rest and woohoo. I didn't find my dream job of slacker career until Wednesday but until then I was a Clam Wrangler. Those little buggers are odd.

Anyway, mom's still working on becoming a hall of famer. Presently, she's just the assistant coach.
Radulf is one promotion away from Professional Party guest. I'm so jealous.

Olive had puppies. 3 of them. We named them Dippy, Gizmo, and Gonzo. I don't know why, just wanted to. At that p[oint, the house was full. So we gave Gizmo, Gonzo and Olive up for adoption.

Samantha went off to university. I warned her about the Dickson guy. He's a bit upset, you see I had another friend over for some quality time and he found out about it.

Broddi grew into a teen. And decided to go after popularity. He said something about being a rock star, and I guess we all should have known from his clothing.

I heard he got his first kiss from some chick, oh well whatever.

Accomplishments: Broddi to teen, Radulf to Elder, Samantha to university.


University round 4

Brittany, Makenzie and Anthony are at university, they are joined by Anara and Dickison(university townie) this round.

(Anthony speaking) These two semesters have rocked. I mean it was awesome. I had this chance you know to change what I wanted in life, and I took it. I'm now interested in having a family and having a great life. No more first dates for me.

The first thing I noticed was that my feelings were stronger for Anara than ever before. She was beautiful before, don't get me wrong, but now, wow.

Yes you may noticed from the picture that I proposed to her, I couldn't stand to live my life without her. She has 2 more years at this university, maybe I can make a better life for her back in Prosperity Bay.

Enough about me, we got a pet. Peppermint will be a great addition to our house. We had been thinking about getting a pet for a long time, but due to school regulation we could only have a womrat or fish (even a bird if we kept it quiet).
Dickson joined the house. He's got it bad for Brittany, hopefully she doesn't break his heart. She's not known for her faithfulness.

It turns out that he's the same way she is, never wanting to commit to one person.Our Greek house is now level 6 thanks to him though. That means we can get other stuff from campus besides pizza.

Makenzie learned that she was pregnant late junior year. Luckily shecalled up Gerfinn and let him know. Gerfinn agreed to watch the baby while Makenzie finished school. They had a little girl named Karite by the way. I was the only one around to coach Makenzie through the birth.

Soon, it came time for me, Brit and Mak to graduate.

Mak was the onlt one with a 4.0 sadly, but we all were in the greek house together. You may want to see our graduation pictures, and here they are.

Accomplishments: Anthony, Brittany and MAkenzie finish. Anara joins greek house.

Note: Dickson will not be playable. Although after college he will enjoy a life of towniedom.