Friday, April 20, 2007

Handby round 4

Whew, this week has been busy. I'm Cassie, you may remember that I graduated from college with a 4.0 and in the Greek house.

Anyway, to start. I invited Lucy over and had her move in. She was fun in college and decided to spend my life with her there.

Lucy loved animals and kids. She wants to have 20 pet friends, and there's only one way to do that. Well first she adopted the stray known as Kim.

And then adopted the male Reeces. She loves those candies and the cas is chocolate brown and a light what she says "peanut butter" brown. So Reeces it was.

I got a job in the buisness field, my personal desire is to be Mayor but theres not political elections coming up.
I did do well this week.

We used this money for 2 important things.

Our wedding, and adopting little Trina

Well the cats got along very well and I think Kim may have kittens next week, and Trina she grew up into a child.

Lucy and I are thinking about adopting another little friend for Trina.

Accomplishments: Adopted Trina


Ng Round 4

You may notice I started labeling my pictures. I realized that I remember who these sims are but you may not.

Marylena directing you through this week. Last week Derek and I got married and had Xander. Also we adopted Coon.
This week was spent in an odd way. We spent this week seeing this new thing called weather. It didn't affect us none, we spent time working on skillin' and that sort of thing.

If you remember I want to be busy raisin' them kids, that I haven't had lately. I must say that Xander was a handful though.

I ended up takin' him to work one day, he was fine.
Didn't cry or anything. The nanny didn't get the message and still showed up.

Derek made a good decision this week, an' now he's a General Practitioner. he's on his way to bein' the cheif of staff.

Xander grew up this week, I must say he's a hansome young boy.

(2/6/10/19/6, Saggitarius)

With the money saved back for more kids, we were able to add another level to the house. It looks really nice

We also made a small garden and I kept on wanting to work in it and plant. I even got a badge for this.

This week ended with Derek invitin' some friends over for a small party.
He didn't tell me his birthday was coming so soon. Maybe I should start workin' on him for them babies.

*Xander takes over*
I'm takin' over to tell you all something important. Dad brought home the most beautiful lady this week. Her name is Emily. Now I'm not sure how this bolt thing works but I like her. I'm presently her friend but I keep on wanting to dance and play with her.

Accomplishments: Xander to Child, Derek to elder, Derek to GP.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Itashiro Round 4

Last round: Simiko and Derek broke up due to Carl Gast, Yuri grew to teen (LTW 6 grandchildren) and hated her mother.

It's Simiko again and I have a bit of a problem. Well the third this week, my ex called and wanted to go downtown.

I didn't see a problem I just thought he wanted to talk about the kids and how everything was going. If you remember last week things didn't end too well. Well all those old feelings started to come back. And soon I found myself wishing something I hadn't

Holy me, I can't want that. I mean I just asked Carl to move in to help me with Yuri. I love him I do, and I think I love my ex too. But that's not all of it.

Carl asked me to marry him and I said yes.

I love him I do, but I must say there's something deeply wrong. I called Derek over to say that things had to end. I was getting married and he was already remarried with a little boy.

That didn't turn out well. We kinda woohoo'd. I've also been having woohoo with Carl. Ands well I'm pregnant(thank you risky woohoo![finally decided to keep the hack]).

I don't know who the father is I geuss the best thing to do is let Carl believe he is.

If something good came out of this week I did 2 pretty good things at work.

But I guess this is short-lived. I don't know who the father of my baby is!

Ahmbergen Round 4

Last Week: Anara was the only sim in the house and stateted dating Sinjin, Abbey and Bonkers took jobs.

Going again to one person in the house. This is Gerfinn. I must say this week has been exciting. First of all, my sister went off to college
She deserves to go after watching our grandmother pass. And being here alone.
I guess I shouldn't really say alone. I saw grandmother twice this week and grandfather once.
I spent some time with Makenzie, we discussed rearranging the house to better show how important the outside it to my elven people.

We also got to spend some time together without having to worry about college.
You notice I'm in a workout outfit a lot? I'm working towards my lifetime goal of Hall of Famer.
I've also been working on my astronomy, very important to elves.
I've heard rumors of people being taken by spaceships, but those are just rumors, aren't they?


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thomas Round 4

Last round: Anthony left for college and Thomas passed on leaving Sheila and Trey in the house with adopted dog Otis.

Akiko, reporting here. Jeremy and I returned from University this week, and you should have seen the clothing they gave us, it was horrid!

I'll post Jeremy's picture, I'm not going to post mine. Well the first order of business was new clothing, so a trip was made downtown. I also picked up a wedding dress for what would take place in a few days.
Jeremy's family seemed alright, his dad is a bit odd.

However his step mom, Sheila is fairly nice.

Sheilawas glad to have company and I sat down to enjoy some cheesecake that she made. I must say it was wonderful. I even kept back a couple slices if you want any.

The night before the wedding I woke up with a small problem. I guess that woohoo in the changing booth at the store "took" I guess you could say. I had to tell Jeremy, but was unsure how he would feel.

It turns out he was just as excited as I was about this, but there was one more thing we needed to do. The next day, I looked through and invited my family and some of our college friends over for the wedding.

It was just a small ceremony in the back yard, but it was official Jeremy and I were married

A few days went past, and finally the time came for our little girls to be born. That's right, twins. Not identical mind you but still beautiful.
Jeremy suggested we name one after his mother, and the other I got to name. Doria and Joy. Joy because these kids are my pride and joy. And somehow I don't think anyone would want me to name a kid pride. Doria is pictured above.

What happened next I really can't say. Jeremy's grandpa had been hanging around haunting us, and scaring us at one point literally to death.

Jeremy said he pleaded for my life but I don't remember. The next thing I know is that I've missed the twins birthday, and I'm surrounded by green smoke.

I was so happy to be back. I spent some of the rest of the week working with my beautiful babies.

And celebrating my return back to life.

Perhaps Jeremy and I celebrated too hard. There's only one way to comfort this...CHEESECAKE!

Accomplishments: 2 new residents Joy and Doria (better pictures next time I promise), , and 2 more on the way (Jeremy wants to marry off 6 kids!). Trey gets a visit from therapist.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pfrank Round 4

Recap from last round: Radulf is living with Kelly. Samantha grew into a child and Broddi was born.

Hello again, Kelly here. I bet you want to see my beautiful son Broddi. Such a gorgeous little boy, and well mannered too. He's not very outgoing, but very active and nice.

For someone that loves romance, I'm glad Radulf has taken an interest in his kids. First he was working with Samantha and now he's working with Broddi. It's so sweet.

Well I must say, there's been a lot of birthdays this week. My second daughter,Samantha, became a teen. She decided that she didn't want to have a family instead she would spend her time woohooing. Where does she get this idea? I've told her the risks, but still it's what she desires. Twenty was the last count she said.

Samantha got a makeover. I think it's very becoming, and a bit revealing. Oh what those kids wear these days.

Broddi also grew this week, and spent time learning to do homework from his older sister. For her lifetime desire, she sure is family oriented.

And the last birthday this week was myself. I became an old woman, and am nearing the end of my life. Next week, Brittiany will be back from University so she can take over these updates.

Accomplishments: Kelly is a Rookie, Radulf a projectionist, Broddi to child, Samantha to teen, Kelly to Elder.