Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ahmbergen week 1

I want to appologize first and foremost because I mislabed Radulf Ahmbergen in the first post as Radulf Ahmbergh. Secondly, I started playing this family late at night and I was tired so i didn't take a lot of pictures to begin with.

With Radulf working all the time he asked if I or Lauge would take over this entry.

I'm Adelheid. I know the 'I' looks like another 'L' in the picture. One look at us and you will realize we look different than everyone else in Prosperity Bay. We're elves. Our woods were threatend and we left to seek out this small town. Radulf's wife stayed behind to help out other elves. We have not heard from her since.

Lauge and I both put family and animals first in out life. We both want to raise 20 pets, but with our funds, I doubt that will be possible.

We live in a meager house, sadly without trees. Maybe soon those can be added. My son, Radulf has a job in the convieniece store in town. I am told however that on his late nights he has been keeping other company. That of a Kelly Pfrank. I keep on telling him he should not do this as he has a wife that gave him 2 children. He states that we do not know what has happened to his wife.

I took responsibility for teaching Anara. She has learned seential skills for life. Radulf did help a little with the raising of his daughter. Shortly after our move in, Lauge decided he should go to work as well. He decided on medicine. He presently works in a retirement home. It pays him well, but I know he does not enjoy being away from this family.

We were lucky that the day that Lauge went to work was Anara's birthday. She grew into a beautiful young elf.
She and her brother Geirfinn have much energy and enjoy showing off and playing around.

Finally, a day before our first week here we were able to afford a bookcase and I was able to learn some cooking. My husband and son were able to go forth in their careers now as well. That ends our first week in Prosperity Bay.

If you notice Anara does not have pointy ears like the rest of the family, that is my mistake. I should have looked before clicking okay with the family. I do have a thing going where the females have longer ears than the males so Anara has those (which are listed under glasses).

Accomplishments: Anara grew up, Lauge in elder Medical career, Radulf in adult Slacker career.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thomas Week 1

Hi, I'm Thomas Thomas. I now live with my adult son Trey. You see his wife left him after he was found in a compromising position...with another woman.
I moved in to help him raise his 2 sons Jeremy and Anthony and daughter, Cassie.

Cassie is a teenager, and she loved being around people. She tells me she want to become mayor one day. She dreams big coming from a small family.

My son likes the ladies, if you couldn't tell by him losing his first wife. He, however, does want to make something of his life and go into the Hall of Fame.

Me, I would like to become a professional party guest. I love to entertain, and play. Fun is my middle name. Okay really it's Henry. Thomas Henry Thomas.

We didn't have much upon entering the town. We pretty much had a bath room and a bedroom. We did somehow afford beds for all of us, even the little tyke, Anthony.
Despite his romatic ways, my Trey made time for my grandkids. Anthony may not have learned everything he needed to before growing up but he didn't grow up badly either. He did however grow up.

Jeremy and I celebrated this acheivement in his life. He did grow up a tad early though. He really wanted to get to school and get homework like he saw his sister and brother doing.

Each of my grandchildren were taught to study and do their homework. Of this I am glad. It will help them later on in life. Jeremy forgot for a while to do his homework though and recieved a D report card. It took a talking to by me and his father before he realized what consequences it would have on the future for him and this family.
We're still hoping everything turns out alright.

Trey decided to go out for a date. He hadn't been out with anyone since his wife left several months ago. I for one was glad to see him go out. He had met a woman walking on the side walk one day and they really seemed to hit it off. Although he thought it wasn't a strong connection between them, Trey felt it was worth investigating.

Shiela Go was the name of the woman he went out with. He gave me some pictures afterwards, so no I wasn't following them, just to let you know.

I was told they went on 2 dates that night. Why on earth I do not know, but they did. And it was enough to woo her. She returned home with Trey that evening and never left.

She talks about her quest for knowledge and want to become a mad scientist. Perhaps I should alert my son to this desire. A Hall of Famer and a Mad Scientist. They look like an interesting couple.

Mind if I take over for a minute dad?

Sure thing son

Well when I had asked her home I never really intended to keep her here. I did ask her how much money she had. She replied with an average amount. Something inside me kept on telling me to woohoo with her and who am I to deny that request to me?

Afterwards, I found myself feeling funny, like there was something I wanted yet didn't want at the same time. I didn't like this feeling at all.

I thought I wanted to get engaged to Shiela. Image me, wanting only to romace, wanting to get engaged...

Needless to say I didn't do it. I've learned that if you feel funny about something you probably shouldn't do it. Besides, I already have 3 kids from a lovely former wife. And hopefully not any others.

Anyway I'll finish out. The last few days of the week were spent with Cassie learning how to cook for us, as until then we had been living on Mac and Cheese and TV Dinners. It also left many people wondering who the woman was that moved in with us.

(Important Events: Moved in Shiela Go (1 pt), Anthony grows up)


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pfrank week 1

He told me he couldn't have children. He had a small surgery done so that he couldn't have anymore. But here I am with my daughter, Brittany.

She's aborable isn't she? We moved here at her father's wishes. He was pretty high in the political ladder.

Luckily he did give us some funds to start our new life here in the bay.

I should probably introduce myself. My name is Kelly. I love money. When I was smaller my mother said that it was one of my main topics of discussion. It was easy for me to decide when I became older what I wanted to spend my life going after. I always heard althletes made a lot of money so I figured I'ld give that a go. Little did a know a few months later I would find myself single, pregnant and kicked out of town. I feel good about this new place.

My first day here I met some interesting people. One in particular caught my eye. Radulf Ahmbergh.

He was different somehow. And I don't mean he was just pale. There was something that drew me to him. I knew I wanted to see more of him.

I got a job in town, in athletics. It doesn't pay much but I'm sure Brit and I can survive on this for a while. At least I hope we can. Hopefully, the nanny doesn't do anything stupid. I've heard she fond of leaving food sitting on the counters, and giving the babies too many bottles, and even peeing on the floor.

I pay her to watch my kids not make a mess out of my house.

Time seemed to fly by so quickly with me working and learning new skills. I almost missed Brittany's brithday. She grew up well of course, and I hoped and half expected she would.

No more diapers in the house! Finally. Now there would be homework and cheers of joy over A+ report cards. Talk of drum lessons and school plays. Yes, my daughter would enter another great stage in life.

Speaking of great things, it seems that Radulf was seriously interested in me. I mean he had come over with a welcoming crew, but I didn't figure he would be all that interested (You, dear reader, will learn more about Radulf in a few more updates). He was always calling me and cheering me up. I especially needed him after I made a bad decision to try to take the lead from some Llama mascot guy when he went off to med school. It didn't end well let me tell you.
I lost my job. How could I lose a job in something I really love? I should really make smarter decisions next time.

The nanny threw a fit at me coming home as there weren't enough funds to pay her. ยง18 won't get you that far. It doesn't pay bills, it doesn't pay hired help. I was broke. I felt at the lowest point in my life right then. How could I keep the house, feed my daughter, stay sane?
I invited Radulf over hoping for a little company and a bit of cheer. I didn't expect what happened next.
He kissed me! I mean I knew things were going well but I didn't think they were that well. Well of course I knew what I wanted to do next.

He really is a fun person. Hopefully, I can see more of him later. Maybe we can even date a little. It's been so long since I've been on a date even. Hopefully, he won't leave me with the bill. That's the last thing I need right now.

Speaking of the last thing, one evening as I was arriving home from my job. I got the best picture of my life. The nanny had evidently went to try to get a skunk off my property and it did not turn out well. See for yourself:



This is my attempt at blogging my Prosperity Sims2 Challenge. I know I have problems with taking pictures especially since I only have the photo thing in the Sims2 to work with for right now. Maybe one of these days I can afford Snaggit as I loved it for working with the Sims2.

If you want to know more about the Prosperity Challenge you can visit them at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/prosperity_challenge/

Thank for bearing with me through this.